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students can finish what they started. reporting live in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland police released a video today in hopes it will help lead to the capture of two homicide suspects. this is surveillance video of a confrontation that detectives believe led to the killing of a man near children's hospital last december. they say 23-year-old charles butler was gunned down a few blocks from the market where that surveillance video was recorded. they say butler was parallel parking next to a car with two other men inside it. >> if you saw that nut, that right there, the bad parking that mr. butler did is the reason why the people inside this car thought it was a reason to kill mr. butler. >> investigators are now urging anyone who may have witnessed the confrontation between the men or the shooting to call oakland police. a san jose missing persons case has now turned into a homicide investigation. a hiker found the body of 32-
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year-old eric dean garcia saturday in the santa cruz mountains. investigators have not said yet exactly how he died. he was last seen at a party on september 18. he left on his harley-davidson motorcycle, which is still missing. investigators safe a santa clara doctor was living a double life. they say he was working as a medical director while abusing his power to write prescriptions. 61-year-old marvin bonham faces 18 felony charges. he worked for valley health plan in san jose. investigators say more charges could be filed. >> he was basically using his power of being able to write prescriptions for heavily addictive substances to get drugs, possibly to get sex, and for also resale, for money. >> channel 2. >> bonham denies the allegations and told ktvu's
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robert handa he is innocent. the san francisco giants and st. louis cardinals were in the seventh inning of game 3 of the nlcs when the game was delayed because of rain. and right now, the cardinals are leading 3-1. ktvu's debra is outside busch stadium in st. louis. debra, has the weather cleared up yet? >> reporter: it has, considerably, since i last saw you an hour ago. yeah, it was wild when that seventh inning stretch became a seventh inning soaking. but the downpore seems to have stopped as suddenly as it started. if you look outside, there are still people milling around, waiting for the game to resume. the rain has really let up. two hours ago, at its worst, there was a downpour. it had been predicted all day. everyone bolted out of their seats and up under cover to the concessions and the protected areas. now, we have seen in this sea of cardinal red a handful of
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orange-wearing giants fans. among them, two brothers from san francisco, positioned in front spots behind home plate and hoping that when play resumes, their team will turn things around, since they were losing 3-1. >> obviously, i wish we put a few more across, but it's still early, and the giants are known for late-inning comebacks. so hopefully the magic continues in this game. >> we did have a scoring opportunity we probably should have capitalized on, but there will be many more to come, and the giants are going to win. go giants! >> reporter: and the cardinals are used to this. the fans watching the storm move in. they were pretty much predicting for us when it would hit. it's been a big boon for the beer sellers.
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we hope eventually those rally towels will come in handy. at last word, the tarp was still on the infield but things do look promising for getting this game 3 going again. we're live in st. louis, ktvu channel 2 news. >> let's go giants! >> thousands of miles away from st. louis, here in the bay area, also waiting for game 3 to resume. as you can see, it hasn't dampened their spirits. sports bars were pretty busy today. and despite the score, fans say they are keeping the faith. >> i've seen 2010 happen. it's all about 2012 now. >> it's torture! being a giant, i know they're used to it. that's why i love baseball. >> this is the giants' first rain delay so far this postseason. however, two other play-off
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games, between the yankees and orioles, did begin late because of rain in baltimore. our chief meteorologist is tracking all of this. i'm tracking something. you see it at the left of the screen here. of course, the main band, the massive band of showers here -- i'll back it up. those blow through around 5:00, 6:00. we're in kind of that dry slot. you see it coming in here from the west. this line of showers has the potential to bring more showers, obviously. so the computer model is interesting, because it doesn't really pick up on that. here's the 6:00 forecast. it doesn't pick up on that secondary. looks like that moves through. then they are dry, and then they will play ball. i'll be back here in a few minutes. i've got red flag warnings in your immediate area to talk about. the two teams are scheduled to play game 4 tomorrow in st. louis. first pitch for game 4 set for about 5:00 tomorrow night. you can watch it all live right
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here on ktvu, following a special early edition beginning at 4:00 of ktvu news. we are learning more tonight about the moments right before oracle's multi-million racing boat capsized in the bay yesterday afternoon. we are joined now live with new information about that accident. noelle? >> reporter: julie, they've been fishing boat parts out of the bay all day. this particular section happens to be part of the 72-foot giant wing. when you're going that fast, accidents are bound to happen. the team is chalking this up to a very expensive learning experience. a boat built for speed is dead in the water. today team oracle was in salvage mode, as the crew fished its catamaran out of the bay, piece by piece. >> it's definitely a setback. >> reporter: a witness captured the moment the massive cat toppled, destroying its 72-foot
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wing. when the nose went under, the back end was 60 feet above the water. here's what the aftermath looked like up close. moments before this, item technician tom was hanging on from his six-story view. >> all i was thinking is, is the wing going to break? do i need to get off the boat? do i need to hold on tight? >> reporter: skipper jimmy spithill told everyone to hang on. >> he fights a lot of these stepbacks and a lot of adversity. and as a champion team, you have to be good at dealing with that. >> reporter: there are a lot of unknowns. today team oracle knows some of its limits. >> we can take the positives out of it and learn where the limits were, and the other teams might have to go through this same process. we're the first. >> reporter: now, the team was out in their two ac45's today, so they still have two boats
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they can practice on. the setback is they won't have a 72-footer to practice on until after the beginning of next year. reporting live in san francisco, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. lawmakers, local officials and consumer advocates are all upset over what they're calling a back room deal on the san bruno pipeline talks. they want former senator george mitchell to oversee the settlement talks. the puc on monday said it had appointed mitchell to help state regulators. local officials say they were never consulted about mitchell's appointment. >> pg&e was in on the decision and we were kept in the dark. needless to say, we have little confidence that this will be a fair mediation process. >> public hearings were suspended earlier this month after state regulators said
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private negotiations would help expedite a settlement. people are evacuating near santa barbara tonight as a wildfire threatens about 100 homes. the fire is burning in the painted cave area. it has now spread to more than 20 acres. firefighters say the fire is 45% contained. a research firm says the number of foreclosures is down in california. in fact, at a new five-year low. dataquick looks at the number of default notices which are the first step in a foreclosure process. there were slightly more than 49,000 default notices filed from july to september, down nearly a third compared to the same time period last year. several counties in the bay area were also least likely have homeowners go into default. oakland bay's blue bottle coffee is cashing in on its
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reputation. they have eleven retail locations, one in eakd and four in new york city. target announced today it plans to build another store in san francisco, just one week after opening its first store in the city. city target opened october 10. you're looking at video now of the opening. the second target store is scheduled to open october of next year. that location will include a starbucks and pharmacy. they plan to hire about 250 people. today is the 23rd anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. it hit the bay area at 5:04 p.m. in 1989, killing 63 people. today the red cross and the department of emergency management held an event in union scare. it was to remind people to be prepared for the next big earthquake and to encourage participation into tomorrow's
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great california shakeout earthquake drill. >> the whole state is encouraged to have a drill, what to do in the event of a large-scale emergency. >> fire officials say the more who are prepared ahead of time, the easier it will be for first responders. the walnut transit project is finally moving to its first construction phase. the vote cleared major hurdles, including certification of a final environmental impact report, zoning and approval of a tree removal permit. the transit village, first proposed in 2005, includes 600 apartments, retail space and hundreds of new parking places. it presents americans with an enormous opportunity we're going to tell you all about. we told you the san mateo bridge is going to be closed all weekend. coming up, we'll show you the repairs that are planned.
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mother nature shining good fortune on california's winery. they are expecting a record harvest, while wine makers in europe are facing tough times. tom joins us now live with the reason why. >> reporter: here in wine country, crush time is crunch time! here at the winery, mother nature won't wait. >> this year we've had a really nice, long growing season. we haven't had rain yet. it's predicted to come in next week. >> reporter: it's gone from 1200 to 25,000 cases a year. that means there will be a lot more wine. >> we're expecting to harvest
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about 600 tons this year. >> reporter: that could be bad news. >> long-term forecast, you'll see line prices come down a little bit because our yields were so high. >> reporter: the europeans expect to have their worst harvest in half a century. that provides california wineries with an opportunity in the u.s. and abroad. >> with the shortage over there, they're going to be looking somewhere to get their wine. hopefully they look over the california. >> reporter: because the champagne district was hit extra hard, california's sparkling wine makers will at last be able to introduce their product to lots of people who would have never tried it before. >> we're going to be able to compete with them a lot better. and, yeah, we're looking forward to that. >> reporter: but it will be a long haul. >> i haven't had a day off in over a month. so we've been really working
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hard. >> reporter: the sonoma county visitors association says that often equates to more jobs, needed jobs. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now. the top three wine destinations are on the west coast. sonoma county tops the list. napa valley comes in second. third place goes to oregon. the department of the interior has announced 27 new national landmarks today, and two of them are right here in the bay area. one is the united states post office and courthouse in san francisco, also home as the james r. browning u.s. court of appeals. it was built between 1897 and 1905. the other is the drakes bay. that is the location of the first encounter between california indians and
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europeans. caltrans is alerting drivers about this weekend. san mateo-hayward bridge closure for seismic upgrades and repairs. it will be shut down from 10 p.m. on friday until 5 on friday. they are repairing a cracked beam discovered two years ago. they also plan to replace 60 feet of the bridge deck. >> we'll pick up the old deck sections, pick up the new deck sections and put them in place. >> the bridge work won't be done in one weekend. caltrans will also need to close the bridge the following weekend to complete the project. and, of course, still tracking that rain in st. louis. it was quite a storm that shot that game down but things are changing around. let's go back a little bit, so we can see the progression. there's the heavy bit.
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we get the break. that's what debra was talking about. look what comes out of the west. this is just flying through the area, moving about 50 miles an hour. so it's out of st. louis, probably in the next ten minutes or so. so the computer model says that too. it has it out of there by 6:00. i think we will be playing baseball, hopefully. i was pointing out those temperatures, 83 in sacramento, 74 in san francisco. very warm throughout the state, as that wind has taken over. of course, the baseball game is huge here at channel 2. we're going to have coverage of the last two innings of that game. this is the time of year we're concerned with fire, obviously. this red flag warning goes away at 7:00. these red flag warningings for the higher elevations of the north and east bay hills stay in effect overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, anticipating strong winds coming off the hills. that's why we're warm. winds maybe 25 miles an hour. that's not crazy wind but it is
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dangerous this time of year, so something to think about. dryer air as well. warmer temperatures tomorrow. we have lots of 90's today, upper 80's. tomorrow we'll see lots of 90's and upper 80's again. warmer day tomorrow. the extended forecast, we start to cool down as we head into the weekend. but it doesn't get cold. it stays above afternoon. temperatures spike tomorrow and then temperatures start to trend down. tomorrow out in the diablo area, mid 90's. the hot, warmest spots, most of us, like san francisco, oakland, you're in the 80's. it's warm. san jose as well. here are forecast highs for over 50 cities around the bay. 78 in richmond, right on the water. 80 in berkeley. 90 in danville. santa clara valley, san jose, 87 degrees. along the coast, warm,
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beautiful, no fog really to speak of. your five-day forecast with your weekend in view. of course, tonight at 10, we'll be back and we'll be checking out the red flag warning. it's a big deal. we always get worried this time of year. >> a lot of wind today earlier. >> i think tonight those winds are going to increase. that's why they issued that red flag warning. those winds are really going to amp up. coming up on bay area news at 7, relatives of a murder victim ask for help from the public. >> this is the spot where a deadly conflict began. police have released surveillance video on what caused the man to lose his life. how the family is reacting. and we'll explain why puppets will soon be banding together as a direct response to politicians, coming up at 7 on tv 36. a major shakeup for lance armstrong as things go from bad to worse. a major change to his charity and what two of his major sponsors are now doing.
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restores what we've lost... music and science labs. and your school. can get a world-class education. and sacramento can't touch it. me? the sky's my limit.
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more sponsors are cutting ties with lance armstrong
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following a condemning u.s. anti-doping agency. today, nike, once a go-to place to buy armstrong's cancer fund- raising livestrong bracelets, announced they are severing their relationship with armstrong. >> i feel bad for the charity. i don't really feel bad for the guy. i think he did work hard to build that up. >> anheuser-busch has also announced that it is dropping armstrong at the end of the year. and santa rosa cyclists are speaking out following the scandal. lipeheimer claims many of his best wins came without the use of performance-enhancing drugs, including his olympic medal. he is serving a six-month suspension for his doping but
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says he does plan to return to professional cycling. we were hoping to talk about the outcome of the nlcs game, but rain is getting in the way, not only for that game but the other game. >> they've got weather issues in detroit. put that champagne on ice. the tigers with their 3-0 lead over the yankees, in that series, they'll have to put it on hold. that game just a few minutes ago was postponed until tomorrow. meantime, the giants, seems like days ago they started the ball game under clear skies. everybody wondering about marco scutaro and the hip injury. but looking good on that swing. runners on second and third. nobody out. early on. and they get their only one so far when pablo sandoval hits one up the middle. angel pagan scoring. and it is a game pitched by
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matt cain for the most part. matt carpenter was in because carlos beltran sustained a strained knee. they add to it when they loaded the bases with one out. and the ground ball off the bat of shane robinson. and as you no doubt heard, the rain came to st. louis, and hard. and they're in a delay. the cardinals have two on, in the bottom of the seventh inning. two men on, two out. and a 3-1 lead. they will hopefully resume shortly. but we're up in the air about that as much as you are. we haven't heard any late reports about when that game will resume. quite possible they could be put off until tomorrow if it doesn't clear up. when it does resume, it will be right here. >> thanks, mark. we are continuing now with
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a special edecision -- special edition of news 6. right now we're watching and waiting. >> we have live team coverage. we'll be right back after this break.
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